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Jul 6, 2011

The Forbidden Grimoire of Harut and Marut

This grimoire is special... Not only does it show the wonderful hidden lore of Arabic jinn magic, but it does so in a quite impressive form. I was a bit amazed to find out that this one was going to be released in full color. The pages mimic aged parchment, the lettering is unique and the figures are reproduced in red and green. These are the traditional inks used in Arabic magic to denote negative or harmful  spells (red) and benign or positive spells (green).

I chose this very interesting square, of the 71 figures I redrew. Featured on page 12 of  Forbidden Grimoire, it's a talisman meant to bring customers, prosperity and acquisitions.

The paper of the original Al Toukhi edition was an orange-yellowish hue, and the square was clearly drawn by (a rather unpracticed) hand. Typos were corrected merely by slashing with a line and writing above, if you look  closely, some of the words in Arabic were written horizontally, others diagonally.

This is my rendition of the square, in black and white for better viewing:

And this is the final image, in green:

As before, I will kindly ask you not to copy these images for profit, more display them on your page without permission. To find out more about this talisman's uses and other secrets of the Egyptian sorcerer Al-Toukhi, please purchase the book, The Forbidden Grimoire of Harut and Marut.  


  1. it seems 54th page is missing in the book

  2. This is strange. The arabic word written diagonally is the word "Allah" crossing a collection of words. The words written horizontally outside the box are the names of 4 angels. The words inside the box are actually a verse from Quran. "Or add to it, and recite the Qur'an with measured recitation". 73:4. It is written over and again with a different sequence.

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