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Jul 11, 2011

Goetia Seals: New Ones!

This is a set of seals I was ask to do by Imperial Arts, for his upcoming works. I will only post a few of them, so you can see the difference between these and other editions.

Although I do not deal with demons myself in my magical practice, I truly recommend his LiveJournal for those interested, one of the few ceremonialists out there that are sticking to the book and getting full results. 

He specifically asked for my original view of them , not slavish copies of others. So, there it goes:




Stay tuned to his journal for more updates!


  1. Well done! I have been corresponding often with IA myself as he has inspired much to my Goetic workings and current grimoric pursuits. Would love to see/hear more on how the seals are created

  2. why thank you! A pleasure to have you over.
    the seals were designed carefully, then drawn in high quality ink on glossy typographic paper, then scanned to the highest resolution I could. After that I clean them up, enhance the quality in photoshop and set them in the circles. I have about half or so finished, we ll see them when the re all done. Glad you like them so far :D

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