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Jul 14, 2011

Magical Alphabet: Ancient Hermetic and Talismanic Scripts of Power

This is one book that I fell in love with because of my love of magical alphabets.
(cover image not mine)

Magical Alphabet: Ancient Hermetic and Talismanic Scripts of Power is a very complete treatise of the Sage Abu Bakr Ahmed ibn 'Ali ibn Qays al-Wahshiyah, with dozens of alphabets from the Arabic tradition used in talismanic work.

Besides the normal cryptograms and secret alphabets of various philosophers, one can find special alphabets for every one of the signs of the zodiac and of the seven planets, and much, much more. This is a brand new translation, with all the nuances and hints, and illustrations by yours truely. 

This work of his, Kitab Shawq al-Mustaham, was translated and published in 1806 by Joseph Hammer as
Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters Explained; with an Account of the Egyptian Priests, their Classes, Initiation, and Sacrifices in the Arabic Language by Ahmad Bin Abubekr Bin Wahishih.

I'll take one alphabet  to show you the differences. This is one of my all time favourite alphabets in the book, called the Alphabet of Colphotorios.
A short extract from the old edition, page 7:

Section XIII. The alphabet of Colphotorios
the philosopher. He was deeply learned in the
knowledge of spirits and cabalistic spells, in
talismans, astrological aspects, and in the magic 
and black art. Philosophers and learned men
have used this alphabet in their books and writings
in preference to others, on account of it's different
extraordinary qualities.

This is the alphabet, as featured on page 35 of the original Arabic book:

Also, I have worked with the Arabic manuscript kept in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. [BSB-Hss 789]Ibn-Wahsiya, Ahmad Ibn-×Ali: Kitab Sauq al-mustaham fi ma×rifat rumuz al-aqlam - BSB 789, Constantinopel, 1791:

This is my own rendition, no Arabic letters, done in strip format to be more easily edited:

Letters A through Y

Letters K though Q 

Letters R though Gh.

Be on the lookout for it, or order it in advance. It's a great sourcebook.


  1. Vanurungalgontalgondon un vehmedurmedcephfamvanundongon vanundonuncephfamurmed!

  2. Very beautiful and clear, but there is one small mistake huruf ش and ظ script looks the same, Huruf ظ should have triangle at the top in the rendition version if i am right. anyway, Good job!

  3. I find the book cover to be too cluttered. That cover needs more blank space.

    I love your illustrations work though.

  4. Thank you for your replies.

    Sick: the cover is not my design so.. I couldn t be held responsable for it :D

    Al Khader: tyou are absolutely right. But the mnuscript has no difference. I will fix it when the bopok will be on it s way to the printer. Right now the booka are on halt as I see.

    Anonymous: You re a moron. Probably.

  5. Wouldn't it had been easier to put the letter each symbol represents directly below that symbol? I don't know who the hell can decipher A thru Y as anything other than vowels, but A E I O U and sometimes Y you have 4 characters left over. What are they? I ask for very specific reasons, some of your symbols are in the Voynich Manuscript.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    The base alphabet is the Arabic Alphabet, not Latin-English.
    I did not put then there because this is not an excerpt of the book, is just a sample of my illustrations.
    If you are interested in illustrations you talk top me.
    If you are interested in the book, talk t the publisher.
    The alphabet has no connection whatsoever to any script used in the Voynich manuscript, I have studied both entensively and there is no connection.

    Please introduce yourself next time and be polite.

    Have a nice day.