As a freelance illustrator, I specialize in images and graphics related to the occult and esoteric. I do digital images as well as traditional art. If you are a publisher looking for good images, an author looking for illustrations of his work, signs, seals, sigils, charts, diagrams, you have a website, forum or blog you want to personalize, everything occult in nature, I can provide it. My fees are moderate and I have a special offer for authors and publishers: No money. I accept books! My contact address is

Jul 4, 2011

My work at Ishtar Publishing.

I have been working with the wonderful people at Ishtar Publishing, illustrating some translations from Arabic Grimoires. Truelly groundbreaking material, unique and interesting.
I have permission to post here sample images, and for every book I have worked on I shall post the original image in the Arabic text, and the image I did. These images are copyrighted to Ishtar Publishing, so please do not use them comercially.

The books i did so far are the following:

by Al-Toukhi

by Al -Toukhi

by Ibn Wahshiah
(yet to be released)

by Master Ahman Al-Buni
(yet to be released)

I promise an entry on each of these marvelous works, with samples.


  1. I should state that the covers are not mine. I did the pictures inside, of which I will sample a few next...

  2. Do you know Mr. Shadrach's e-mail?