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Jul 4, 2011

Seal of the Planetary Hierarchy

This image is meant to be a general pentacle, with more theoretical uses than practical. Although.. one never knows.
The outer rim contains the names of the seven planetary angelic rulers, in the Chaldean  order, and in the exterior angles we have their seals as listed in the Heptameron. In the interior angles we have the names of the seven Olympic Spirits and their seals, from the Arbatel of Magic, while the inner circles simply reminds us the names of the planets in Latin and their glyphs.


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    1. Da așa este, ce mă bucur că vorbim aceeași limbă.

  2. আজাইরা ব্যাখ্যা ।

  3. Sunt român cu un blog în limba engleză. Firește că vorbesc și Hindi, și Tamil, și Bengali, și Gujarati. Mi se pare normal.

  4. Is this sigil used for black magick or white magick is it safe to use as a talisman?