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Jul 29, 2011

Tree of Life

Here are a few trees that might help you.
 Free Tree of Life blank template, ready to print, color, write on, doodle on, and what have you:

Next, is the Tree with the names of the Holy Sephiroth:

 And with the names of the Holy Archangels

The Tree of life in the Four Worlds:

The Connection between Man and the Tree:

Aaaand a more artistic rendition of mine, of the Macrocosmosmos:

The template can be used freely, but the others I'd like to be asked about before you use them yourself on your web pages. Thank you.


  1. Probably, you should swap Raphael and Michael places. :)
    Michael is The Sixt aspect of The Tree. :)


  2. No mistake there. I use this system, as it is much older than the Michael-Sun, Raphael-Mercury thing. Please research the matter.

  3. Hi!
    What does the sign in the bottom mean (looks a little bit like 'Pi')? Is it the earth-symbol? I'm curious about it since I have a ring on which the seven Arbatel Seals are on it and this symbol twice.
    Would be nice to get to know it.

  4. It s the Hebrew letter Tau. The end of the alphabet. On the top there is an Aleph, the beggining of the alphabet.

  5. Hello Asterion.
    I also use the Raphael-Tiphareth thing because that's what I was taught. You mention it is an older system that warrants research. Would you please recommend some sources that I can look into? Perhaps older, more traditional material that stipulates this Angelic arrangement. Cheers and many thanks. T.

  6. Book of Raziel, Book of Honorius, The Munich Manual

  7. I've done a lot of research on this and I tend to use the system that Micahel and Raphael should be switched and here is why. Raphael in the book of Tobias, is a doctor and a healer and that is more in line with the idea of Mercury governing Hod. Michael means, "He who is like God" and God, in the ancient world, was closely related to the sun and the solar calendar. This makes a lot more sense also considering that Yesod is often seen as the "sun" or "son" position on the tree. Can you please explain why you use the other system based on your own personal observations?

  8. Hello Alanna. You can use any system you preffer, and I believe you use thi system also because it was the first one you learned. Please debate me if this is untrue.

    Michael does not mean He who is like God. It is a rethoric question, in Hebrew: Who is like God?

    Throughout sacred texts Michael is the preffered messenger of Gods a actions (not messages, like Gabriel), a fuction attributed to Hermes and Mercury, and also psychopomp (guide of the souls after death), a function also attributed to mercurial entities. Raphael is a healer, true, but healing is not strage of the sphere of the Sun , and cannot be attributed only to mercury.

    My reason for using this system is that it its the sytem of the older grimoires, like Libere Juratus and Sepher Raziel, before it was mish mashed and addopted accordingly the the Western tradition. .