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Dec 30, 2011

El Shaday Pentacle

I ve been putting off some projects due to the great ammount of work I ve had and just these couple of days relaxing a bit. 
This is part of a bigger project but here goes one of the talismans that made quite a bit of career in grimoires: The El Shaday Pentacle, my version:

Most people know it from the Key of Solomon, Mather s edition, with Hebrew lettering:

It also appears in French manuscripts of the Key:
This one is from Lansdowne MS. 1203 :

[This pentacle is the portrait of the Eternal, which means Justice and divine Wrath, and has a very great virtue for constraining the spirits and for controlling all earthly creatures, for it is said that in heaven and on earth the angels and the demons will bend their knees before him. It must be made on the skin of a lion on the day and hour of the Sun around the ten first days of August, written with the feather of swan, and of gold or yellow colors, or on a plate of very fine gold on the same day, month, and hour. Afterwards, incense it with a suitable incense, then carry it on your collar attached with a chain of gold, or a wire ribbon of gold.](Joseph Peterson)

This one is from Sl. 1307, a manuscript of the Key which preserves best the Hebrew lettering in the name:

Figure 32.-- The first pentacle of the Sun.-- The countenance of Shaddaï the almighty, at whose aspect all creatures obey, and the angelic spirits do reverence on bended knees. 

This talisman is also taken from the French manuscript along with a few others, and incoroprated in the ill-famed Petit Albert:

and later, in very cheap editions of the Book of Saint Cyprian.
This one is from Le Petit Albert, a better rendering:

For the texts of the above-mentioned texts, please go to Joseph Peterson s website.


  1. Your interpretation of the El Shaddai Seal bears a striking resemblence to the medal of the Holy Face. You should look into it.

  2. This is my favorite thing you've posted thus far. I really like the face of your talisman more than even these references you've shown as your inspiration. Great work!

  3. @ Alphonsus: It s a surface similarity. The Holy Face medal represents Christ, with eyes closed, like the shroud of Turin or the Veil of Veronika. This one represents the face of El Shadai through the likeness of Metatron, eyes opened, in full incandescent majesty.

    @Omega: Thanks, I know, a lot of things can bring up other things!

    @J.C: Thank you, nice to know my work pleases people and it s appreciated. And nice shift to line art for me, people tend to think I m all about doing it digital, with just symbols and lines.