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Jan 17, 2012

Christian lamen

We cannot exclude the christian element from the classical grimoires. That is because the fathers of the grimoires did not practice some old pagan religion, but Christianity, and that is not a bad thing. Being a Christian by birth and a mage by choice, I do not have a problem with them coexisting. 
This is a piece I felt inspired to do. Hope you like it.


  1. Actually, I think the Fathers of the grimoires got results BECAUSE they were Christian in the first place, not despite of it.

    Nice work, by the way!

    - Brazilianguy

    1. Brasileiro está em todas, hehe.

  2. Of course, as Abraham the Jew stated, taught by Abramelin, Any man can succeed in tjhis wisdom, be he Christian, Jew, Muslim or Pagan. The thing is to live in your religion by understanding it s truth and roots and practicing it s virtues, not by following the clergy and superstitions.

    Thank you!

  3. nobody is a christian by birth. they are a christian by choice. you should fix that information if you continue on this dark quest you are on.

  4. Dear Anonym, Christian by birth means that I was raised in a family belonging to the Christian Orthodox Tradition in as country where this beautiful tradition is very much alive, being baptised therein shortly after my birth. Yes, I believe you choose you religion as well, but this is done long before you are born, not after. There is a reason why why are born in a said country with a particular religion and a family with the same value. I am not on any dark quest: i do note evoke infernal entities, i do not employ them and I do not practice any baneful rites. Have a good day!