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Jan 27, 2012

Two new covers for Ishtar Publishing

Hey folks! My collaboration with Ishtar Publishing is yielding new fruits.  I m so glad the Barhatyah is finally out and shipped to their pre-ordering owners, can t wait to see how it turned out.

These are some forthcoming titles that they are bringing out, and I did these covers, at least stand-ins, so they ll probably look different in print. The titles are links to their own pages.
First one is by Nineveh Shadrach, an incredible collection of Arabic talismans never before published in English, and some even never before published anywhere:

The second one is a rare jewel of Arabic esotheric lore, called Tartib al-Da'wat fi Takhsis al-Awaqat, from the Master Ahmad Al-Buni, translated as

Get em while they're hot!


  1. Hi, I ordered 3 books from ishtar website inc the ones you mention. They haven't sent them or respond to my emails. Have they gone bankrupt or something?

    Have I lost my money or will I receive the books or will paypal refund come to the rescue?

    Why is ishtar Francis so lazy n slow .... Why can't he reply to my emails.

    Mr. T .A. /Uk

  2. they haven t gone bankrupt. Please red the info carefully, those books are not ready printed and ready to ship, they are in pre printing and pre production. You will most certainly get them once the book is ready. They do tend to work slower because they have very few employees and do all the work by themselves. They are some of the most honorable and decent people I know, and they would not take advantage of anyone. There is a page on the website that shows you how much of a book is ready. Go there and see where your titles are.


  3. Ok, thanks for info.


  4. Hi

    is book is ready

  5. It would be cool if you did a review on both of these books? thanx!