As a freelance illustrator, I specialize in images and graphics related to the occult and esoteric. I do digital images as well as traditional art. If you are a publisher looking for good images, an author looking for illustrations of his work, signs, seals, sigils, charts, diagrams, you have a website, forum or blog you want to personalize, everything occult in nature, I can provide it. My fees are moderate and I have a special offer for authors and publishers: No money. I accept books! My contact address is

Apr 30, 2012

The Book of Abrasax

I have the honor of working with one of the most promising magicians on the web on his next project: Michael Cecchetelli is cooking up his Book of Abrasax and has asked lil ol me to do the illustrations. 

If his next volume is as valuable as his Crossed Keys, I can barely wait!

The illustrations range from Gnostic imagery to Coptic seals of the late Antiquity. One of the designs I managed to redo completely is the seal-portrait of Gabriel found in Rossi s Gnostic tract against the powers of evil, published by Kropp and republished by Smith and Meyer (Ancient Christian Magic, Princeton University Press, 1999) to be found on page 146.


  1. Congratulations! Judging from what I've seen so far, I'm sure you will do some amazing work for any book. I've been working on getting into the same field myself, doing diagrams and illustrations for occult books.

  2. Thank you, JC. I just visited your blog, amazing!

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  4. Hi! I LOVE this seal. I'm currently teaching a class on spirit magic, and I'd love to use it. I would, of course, let everyone know where it came from. Is that ok? Thanks!