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Apr 10, 2012

Seals of the Seven Angels

These seals were done by me to reconstruct the figures attributed to the seven angels found in Aryeh Kaplan s Sefer Yetsirah, fig.44, page 171. They are taken from the treatise Shoshan Yesod Olam, circa 1727.








 I suspect the angels have planetary attributions, the most obvious being the days of the week: Raphael-Sunday (Sun), Gabriel-Monday (Moon), Samael-Tuesday (Mars) and so forth until Kaptziel (Saturn, Saturday).

These images are made by me, so if you want to use them in private, do so of your own accord, and if you want to use them publicly, please give proper credit either to me by linking my blog  or my e-mail address.


  1. I think they may be a link with the planets starting from Jupiter and moving through the planetary hours backwards to Mars. The first (Raphael's) is like the Seal of Jupiter in Barret/Agrippa, the next Gabriel looks like the seal of Saturn, and the next reminds me of Phul. This is just an observation I am aware the angels don't generally fit those planets, plus I can't make links with all of them. :/

  2. I severely doubt there is any connection between them. The simpler a sign is, the more similarities we can find with others...

    There are literally hundreds of alchemical symbols and magic letters and seals containing the simple X with circles. It s very very very widespread.

    But, if you know more than I do, ;D ...

  3. Possibly but there is more to it. These are clearly linked to magical squares so could easily be the same squares they are derived from. The angels were also assigned with various different planets throughout time and this could easily fit. Jupiter the healing planet and Raphael is recorded in the Liber Juratus just not as a chief angel, he is the healing angel after all, as is Samael's association with the Moon, as is Michael's association with Mercury, as is Sachiel's association with Venus. Anael here would be associated with the Sun which is recorded in the Magical Calendar, the Armadel and L202. The only one slightly dubious would be Kaptziel (cassiel) being assigned with Mars, but not that far fetched either. :D

  4. Oh also Gabriel with Saturn seems off. Nonetheless, I'm not saying it's correct. I'm just saying it is a possibility.

    1. ...then again, he's also had the role of angel of death. Michael, previously associated with Mars, has also shared that name.

      You have to wonder how much evocation and conversations with spirits the old authors had. I suspect not bloody much

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  6. it does look like the square derived material but it's not. Interestingly, the Gabriel sigil looks a lot like the Uriel sigil from "A Collection of Magical Secrets & A Treatise of Mixed Cabala"

  7. Apology.
    I just read from the post here, that you are not happy with any one who would use the images in your article without informing you, I AM SORRY.

    What happen is that i used your magical sword to banish some draining spirit when i called up Michael for help, he did came, the sword was useful, thanks to you.

    I am a Christian, and a lonely practitioner. I don't want anyone to know what i do because someone can be afraid of me or call me a witch. Evangelist church i attend preach the book of revelation to us that people who practice witchcraft will not see the kingdom of God.

    Please, with my explanations, i hope you will give me another chance.

    Want to know how i use it? OK.
    - I visualize your steel ritual sword in my hand.
    - I say the conjuration of Michael.
    - I identify myself as child of God and born again.
    - I repeated the conjuration.

    It all happened very fast, Michael has come - a vision of purple in my sight like lightening.
    Its intense heat or fire burn my heart like a metal from the fire of the black smith was left in my chest.
    Michael was around for hours though i have done the prayer of thank you and bye bye, come when i will ask of you.

    I want to make myself clear.
    I am not a mage, and don't send a curse to me, Please.
    i apologize because my conscience pinch me, and as a Christian do what you preach.

  8. First off, calm down.

    When i said USE I did not mean draw them or something, just don t put them in books or print them and sell them. These are my works as an illustrator and graphic restorer, but they also appear in other books and websites. I meant not to reproduce them on your website or blog, without telling people that they are taken from here, that s all.

    The sword is not mine, it s in the Key of Solomon. That s just the one I engraved.

    I m a Christian too, and I acknowledge your anguish. Our Church, the Eastern Orthodox tradition, is far more strict.

    The way you use it has no connection with the way it s suppopsed to be used. Pleasde read the Key of Solomon, the Heptameron or the Fourth book of Agrippa.They re widely available online for free.

    I do not curse anybody, calm down :D

  9. Beautiful..... I am merely a brother and fellow light worker

  10. There are connections between All Things.....

  11. The second seal reminds me the procedure to have a magical square of thre X three (Saturno magical square)

  12. Hi i drew the seal of Gabriel in a dream before ever seeing it & now I want to try to contact him about it, but I don't know how I should do that. Do you know where I can find this book that you found the sigil from? Or at least any more details that can help me to reach him? Thank you

  13. I m sorry, but... I give you the author, the books title and even the page number.. and now you want me to tell you where you can find the book closest to you? Am I reading this right?...

    1. Sorry, had a moment & realized i must've been focusing on the wrong thing ._.

  14. I wouldn't bother to ask if I could find any trace of it, but I don't see anything online nor any way to find/buy the book...