As a freelance illustrator, I specialize in images and graphics related to the occult and esoteric. I do digital images as well as traditional art. If you are a publisher looking for good images, an author looking for illustrations of his work, signs, seals, sigils, charts, diagrams, you have a website, forum or blog you want to personalize, everything occult in nature, I can provide it. My fees are moderate and I have a special offer for authors and publishers: No money. I accept books! My contact address is

Mar 2, 2013

Images for sale

In my attempt to collect money in order to buy Frank Klaassen s book, Transformations of Magic, I will be putting up for sale a package of images done by myself.

The images are 54 geometric figures (from the triangle to the dodecagon)  to be used in your private practice, magic, digital art or whatever you wish. Non-commercial use only, of course. For coomercial use, you can contact me with commisions.

The images are 3500 X3500 (1.50-3MB), very clear and ready to use, inscribed in a double circle.

Samples (low resolution):

If you need them, they re yours for 12$. Ideally, I d need only 6 or 7 buyers to be able to buy the book.  Here s the button below:


  1. I made an order! Best wishes to you.

  2. You create some truly magnificent images. What software do you use in making these? Thanks.

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