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Jan 13, 2015

Seals of the Lemegeton

These are the Pentagonal and the Hexagonal seals of Solomon, as prescribed in the last part of the first book of the Lemegeton.hare

These images are gifts, to be used in a non-commercial way. Should you want to use them online, I d like to give my consent. PLEASE do not share them as your own (as many have done with other pieces of mine), print them as t-shirts, mugs, keychains and sell them. This is not their purpose, and should you ignore that, you will face dire consequences, not from myself, but from other well-intentioned intelligences. This is not a threat, but a kind advice. 

I made them for my own use and now share them out of love and kindness with any who might need them. You will find others online and in manuscripts, but these are my own renditions. 

The Hexagonal Seal of Solomon

The Pentagonal Seal of Solomon

And as a bonus, the six seals of the Pentagonal seal:







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