As a freelance illustrator, I specialize in images and graphics related to the occult and esoteric. I do digital images as well as traditional art. If you are a publisher looking for good images, an author looking for illustrations of his work, signs, seals, sigils, charts, diagrams, you have a website, forum or blog you want to personalize, everything occult in nature, I can provide it. My fees are moderate and I have a special offer for authors and publishers: No money. I accept books! My contact address is

About my work

These are a few opinions about my work gathered from the very people that benefited from them directly. I put these quotes here not for the sake of my own ego, but rather as an ensurance for would-be customers and contractors. Many thanks to them  for their patient collaboration and benevolence. 

”Asterion is a rare and gifted asset to the occult community. He has a keen mind for the esoteric and does not settle for mediocrity when it comes to magical art. He has extensive occult knowledge and ability to not only organize occult correspondences and symbols, but to also recreate them in beautiful and usable form. After years of not only critically analyzing his work and methods, but also putting them to the test myself, I've come to value Asterion Mage's work as invaluable to the Western Esoteric Community."
 -Frater Ashen Chassan F.:N.:F.:, author of Gateways Through of Stone and Circle, Nephilim Press

"Working with Asterion remains the best decision I made as an author. He possesses a unique eye and talent for producing amazing illustrations of talismans and sigils. I hope he intends on staying the course, because finding another talent like him will be a challenge indeed."

Nineveh Shadrach - Author and publisher, Ishtar Publishing

"Asterion's art captures both the spirit and design of the magickal symbols and illustrations of our forefathers in the grimoire tradition. I wouldn't doubt that had Asterion lived during the period, the author of Solomon's Key would have sought him out illustrate the original manuscript, and we'd have all been richer for it"

Michael Cecchetelli - author of Book of Abrasax (Nephilim Press)

”I've had a wonderful experience working with Asterion; I like his work very much, it's really excellent, in my opinion. After comparing the reconstructed art he provided to the manuscript originals, I saw the judgment calls he made in re-balancing the elements of the sigils, restoring both the angles and straight lines of each illustration and approved of each decision he made. His art maintained the nuances of the original manuscript and brought an elegance to each individual illustration. Asterion obviously has a great eye and also has outstanding skill as an illustrator, especially with magical sigillum! I'm sure the readers of the books produced by Trident will also love his work.”
James Banner - Publisher, Trident Books. 


  1. It´s wonderfull to see such works just because Asterion is not only an artist. He is a magus and know what and why he is doing that.
    To myself, each drawing is a teaching on magic.